Thursday, August 18, 2011

So What’s the Big Difference Between Xocai and Other Dark Chocolate?


     What most people don’t know about chocolate, is that when then cocoa pod comes off the cocoa tree, they BUST it open and on the inside are cocoa beans, just PULSING with antioxidants and over 300 complex compounds that are superb for the human body. The problem is, that it initially tastes very bitter, like dirt or aspirin, so candy companies try to make it taste better by making it more mild, sweet and less bitter.
     Chocolate companies, other than Xocai, reduce the chocolate’s potential by using a “dutching” process. First, they ferment the chocolate, which reduces the antioxidants, and then comes the roasting, which reduces it further, and then they lecithinize it, which reduces it further, and alkalize it which strips the chocolate again of most of the powerful antioxidants. Cocoa butter is expensive so the companies add saturated fats because it’s cheaper and then, lastly, add white sugar which reduces the power of the chocolate even further. Finally, there is practically nothing left of its antioxidant potential – even though it tastes better. In fact, 80% or more of the antioxidants are gone and a high flavonoid product like Xocia is the only way to get the full health benefit from chocolate.
     Caffeine does NOT occur naturally in a cocoa bean. Xocai chocolate has no caffeine! When you go into a health food store and look at the ingredients, the ingredient percentage (such as 70%) is a combination of the cocoa powder and cocoa butter by WEIGHT, which is deceptive. Cocoa powder is the only functional part – you can actually HAVE a 70% cocoa powder label with no benefit whatsoever!! Very little pure cocoa powder is in the commercial brands and they add food coloring to make it look more chocolatey. Commercial cocoa has been zapped of its potential.
     Jeanette Brooks, (founder and President of MXI Corp who created Xocai chocolate), came up with a cold processing method which allows it to keep all the pure antioxidants and flavanoids and complex compounds intact. And it tastes GREAT because the Acai Berry and Blueberry sweeten it, plus she uses a little bit of raw suger, not white sugar. This is licensed by MXI Corp. who makes Xocai and no one else has the patent for the cold processing method, meaning there is NO heat involved as there is in the “dutching” process!

WOW!!! This is POWERFUL stuff!!! Want a snack? Grab a square or nugget and get all the health benefits of OVER 2 1/2 lbs of vegetables and fruits with vitually no calories!

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