Saturday, December 10, 2011

Take A Stand For Humanity

Join Us In Taking A Stand For Humanity And Ending Hunger In America In Our Lifetime!

In the United States, more than one out of six children don’t know where they’ll find their next meal. For many Americans hunger is a DAILY reality. Hunger is not confined to small pockets of society, certain areas of the country, or certain neighborhoods in your community. It's an "everywhere" issue and needs an "everyone" solution.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Xocai Healthy Chocolate Fibromyalgia Diet

What is Fibromyalgia?
Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder characterized primarily by widespread pain throughout the body including headaches, pain and stiffness, tenderness of the muscles, tendons, and joints, general fatigue, and restless sleep, anxiety, depression, and disturbances in bowel function.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia Patients
The quality of the Fibromyalgia patients' constant pain is described as burning, aching, and soreness. Fibromyalgia patients may feel as if they are bruised all over but without visible signs. Although the pain is constant, the location migrates and the intensity varies. The most common sites of Fibromyalgia pain include the neck, back, shoulders, pelvic girdle, and hands, but any body part can be affected. 

What causes Fibromyalgia?
No cause for fibromyalgia has been accepted universally, though many theories have been proposed. Some authors suggest that an inheritance factor may be involved.  Recent studies have concluded that increased free radical levels may be responsible for the development of Fibromyalgia. These findings may support the hypothesis of fibromyalgia as an oxidative disorder.

Who Does Fibromyalgia Affect?
Fibromyalgia affects predominately women.  Over 80% of those diagnosed with Fibromyalgia are women between the ages of 35 and 55, however, Fibromyalgia can also affect men, children, and the elderly.

How Antioxidants Help Fibromyalgia Patients.
Fibromyalgia patients produce more damaging free radicals than healthy patients, and they have a reduced antioxidant capacity.  These findings support the theory that  Fibromyalgia patients are exposed to higher than normal levels of oxidative stress from free radicals.

By fighting free radicals, antioxidants are essential to good health and help fight against fibromyalgia.

Xocai Fibromyalgia Diet.
Most people consume less than half of the amount of antioxidants required daily.  The fact is that antioxidant healthy foods are most effective if consumed throughout the day to keep the antioxidant level high in our bloodstream. This is even more important for Fibromyalgia patients. The reality is that most people simply don't consume enough raw vegetables & fruits throughout the day. Just like with any healthy routine, your chance of success goes up significantly if you can find something that you enjoy. 
If you like it, then it's a whole lot easier to follow through.

That's the beauty of Xocai healthy chocolate! Most people already eat and love chocolate! Adding some healthy chocolate to their daily diet isn't a chore! Add Xocai healthy chocolate to your Fibromyalgia diet, and experience some healthy results!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What Makes You Happy?

What makes you Happy?
One of my neighbors says ‘my family‘. My closest friend predictably said “friends“. A business associate insists ‘money‘. Almost everyone I know says ‘chocolate‘ never fails to bring a smile to their face. A friend of mine who lives in Cleveland answered ‘Love‘. Another Facebook friend believes that happiness is not possible without freedom. A Virgina humanitarian says that he always feels better when he is helping people.
My name is Chris from Middlefield, Ohio. Working as an independent Xocai distributor makes me very happy. And guess what? The reasons are the same! The flexibility of owning my own business gives me the freedom to spend time with those I love – myfamily and friends. I enjoy helping people improve their health and make money by sharing Xocai. And, of course, I love eating Xocai healthy chocolate!
There’s more; Chocolate literally elevates my mood because it triggers the release of endorphins, the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters. A sense of Well-Being is something I feel we all want and need in our lives. 
What about you? Do you need a mood booster? Xocai chocolate may be your ticket to happiness. I would be happy to tell you more (sorry, I couldn’t resist). 
I can be reached at 440-313-7058 and
Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pros and Cons of Eating and Sharing Xocai Healthy Chocolate

MXI Corp. are the category creators of Healthy Chocolate and many people are wondering whether it is a good opportunity or not. After all, anyone who thinks about investing their time and money into a home based business will want to first make sure they are making a positive choice. When thinking about this business, consider the pros and cons of both consuming and selling this dark chocolate product.

Chocolate is a product that nearly everyone loves. If you fit into that category, you will get the pleasure of eating something you enjoy every day. You will also get a chance to share this tasty treat with friends and relatives who decide to get the dark chocolate from you.

Your friends and relatives might ask you to give them chocolate for free because of your relationship. You might be put into the position of having to explain that you can give out samples of the chocolate, but you cannot give an endless supply to everyone.

You will be selling a product in the wellness category, which is booming now. Dark chocolate has many health benefits that people are looking for these days. When you sell a wellness product like this, you can reach many people who are looking for help with their physical problems. The demand for your product will be great!

You will have to learn the benefits of this product, which combines dark chocolate with the acai berry. The list is very long, and it might take a bit of study to understand them all. If you are not willing to study the information and research, you might not be able to sell it to your best capability.

People are interested these days in natural products with minimal processing. The dark chocolate in this product is processed in a cold system rather than a hot one, which allows it to retain all its nutrients and antioxidant benefits.

The 3 in 3 system of network marketing used in the company lets you get the chocolate you want. You can earn the amount of chocolate you will consume by signing up 3 people as affiliates in 3 weeks.

If you do not like chocolate, you will probably have to find someone else to give or sell your share of the chocolate to. Otherwise, it will go to waste. This home based business is much more appealing to people who like chocolate.

Dark chocolate that is not hot processed is helpful with losing weight, lowering blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol, and improving heart health in general. This is good for both you as a consumer and for the people you share the product with as affiliates or associates.
As with most activities, there are going to be some upsides and downsides to selling any product. With Xocai chocolate, the cons are mostly minor nuisances that would come with just about any business. The parts of the business that make this product unique fall on the pro side almost exclusively.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

So What’s the Big Difference Between Xocai and Other Dark Chocolate?


     What most people don’t know about chocolate, is that when then cocoa pod comes off the cocoa tree, they BUST it open and on the inside are cocoa beans, just PULSING with antioxidants and over 300 complex compounds that are superb for the human body. The problem is, that it initially tastes very bitter, like dirt or aspirin, so candy companies try to make it taste better by making it more mild, sweet and less bitter.
     Chocolate companies, other than Xocai, reduce the chocolate’s potential by using a “dutching” process. First, they ferment the chocolate, which reduces the antioxidants, and then comes the roasting, which reduces it further, and then they lecithinize it, which reduces it further, and alkalize it which strips the chocolate again of most of the powerful antioxidants. Cocoa butter is expensive so the companies add saturated fats because it’s cheaper and then, lastly, add white sugar which reduces the power of the chocolate even further. Finally, there is practically nothing left of its antioxidant potential – even though it tastes better. In fact, 80% or more of the antioxidants are gone and a high flavonoid product like Xocia is the only way to get the full health benefit from chocolate.
     Caffeine does NOT occur naturally in a cocoa bean. Xocai chocolate has no caffeine! When you go into a health food store and look at the ingredients, the ingredient percentage (such as 70%) is a combination of the cocoa powder and cocoa butter by WEIGHT, which is deceptive. Cocoa powder is the only functional part – you can actually HAVE a 70% cocoa powder label with no benefit whatsoever!! Very little pure cocoa powder is in the commercial brands and they add food coloring to make it look more chocolatey. Commercial cocoa has been zapped of its potential.
     Jeanette Brooks, (founder and President of MXI Corp who created Xocai chocolate), came up with a cold processing method which allows it to keep all the pure antioxidants and flavanoids and complex compounds intact. And it tastes GREAT because the Acai Berry and Blueberry sweeten it, plus she uses a little bit of raw suger, not white sugar. This is licensed by MXI Corp. who makes Xocai and no one else has the patent for the cold processing method, meaning there is NO heat involved as there is in the “dutching” process!

WOW!!! This is POWERFUL stuff!!! Want a snack? Grab a square or nugget and get all the health benefits of OVER 2 1/2 lbs of vegetables and fruits with vitually no calories!

Chris Cico
(440) 313-7058