Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Can You Really Make Money Eating Chocolate?

There is a home based business that is built on the concept of eating and sharing healthy chocolate. Many people who first hear of this wonder if it is really possible to earn money doing something so pleasant. The basics of the business are fairly easy to understand, and the pitfalls are easily avoided.
Look for a person involved in the Xocai chocolate business at the Consume, Share, or Earn level.
The Consume, or affiliate, level is someone who simply wants to earn enough to pay for his own chocolate. The Share, or associate, level is someone who wants to do that and also make a profit. The Earn, or business builder, level is for someone who wants to build a business out of sharing healthy chocolate. Find one of these people online or in your neighborhood. Make sure that they are actually associated with a genuine healthy chocolate product.
Ask for samples of the products.
Any person who is in this home based business will surely be happy to give you a sample so that you can see if you are even interested in consuming the product. This is easy enough, and any business person would do the same.
Ask for information on the health benefits of dark chocolate.
The affiliate, associate, or business builder who wants to pique your interest will certainly be able to give you tons of information on the products. Ask for website links to read about the company literature on the product and about independent research. Dive in and read it all thoroughly. Anyone who is not willing to give you information on their product probably has nothing to brag about.
Start the home based business with a decision.
You will be faced with a dilemma: whether to jump at this opportunity or pass it up. The only people who can make money selling chocolate are people who have made the decision to try. The next decision to make is at what level to get started. Decide how intensely you want to pursue making money through this home based business opportunity; choose affiliate, associate, or business builder level.
Much depends on your mentor.
Talk to your mentor and learn from him. Learn all the health benefits of dark chocolate, learn about the business and compensation plan, and learn about the best ways to approach prospects. If you run across a mentor who has not done his homework or who is not well-established in the business himself, you might have a hard time. If you have chosen a great mentor, you will have a much better ability to get things started.
Do the 3 in 3 plan.
Sign up 3 people at your level to earn a bonus for each person. If you sign up 3 people in 3 weeks, you will get an X bonus as well. As you look at each of the three different categories of businesspeople in the system, you will see that the bonuses for each succeeding level are higher. You can earn just enough to pay for your healthy chocolate, or you can earn a good living. It all depends on how far you want to go with it. Do not expect to earn a living if you are only participating at the Consume level.
The biggest thing to remember about making money selling chocolate is that you always need to be in the know. Know who you are dealing with, know the product inside and out, and know the compensation plan thoroughly. If you follow these simple rules, you have an excellent chance of making money selling Xocai Chocolate.
Selling Xocai Chocolate is a business opportunity that makes it possible for you to consume and share healthy chocolate as you make money. If you are interested in learning more visit My Healthy Chocolate Blog.

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